Car parks

Parkings La Chal

Easy and free parking in the entire resort

By car

Free park along the snow front, close to the ski lift area
In the main street along all shops,
On the community centre parking lot in Les Chambons
On the town hall parking lot In La Tour
>> The cinema parking lot is reserved for cinema visitors, on Wednesday parking is prohibited due to weekly market fair <<



By bus

Unauthorised access to the ski resort for buses over 15 meters with or without a trailer.
Long term parking only on the special dedicated parking lot close to the Centre Equestre of Les Chambons (RD926)
Parking prohibited in La Chal, only drop-off and hop-on stops are allowed on the Cinema Parking Lot

By motor-home

Parking area at Plan du Moulin in Saint Sorlin d'Arves (at 3 km away)
Service area at the entree of Saint Sorlin d'Arves (at 3 km away)