See you this summer!

It's summer in Saint Jean d'Arves!

To make your visit to our beautiful valley easier, find below a list of activities, shops and services open at the moment. 

Last updated on 25/08/2023 - This page is updated as soon as we receive new information, so please check back regularly.


Discover Saint Jean d'Arves

Breathtaking landscapes, walks and hikes for all tastes, fresh air, giant playground…
This summer, take a break and recharge your batteries in our large and wide open spaces !
Enjoy your stay in the heart of nature and discover the true meaning of freedom.


Escape to the mountain

1. Escape to the mountain

Escape life on a full scale! Alone or with a guide, by walk or by bike, discover local fauna: marmot, chamois, Tarine and Abondance cows... Saint Jean d’Arves is true paradise for nature lovers!
Our traditional village unveils exceptional panoramic views up to the mythical view of the resort’s emblem: Les Aiguilles d’Arves culminating at more than 3500 meters above the sea.
Have your fill of discovery and sensations!
Have a taste of sweetness of life

2. Have a taste of sweetness of life

Live to the rythm of the village and explore a traditionnal village with a modern legacy!
Discover the local products and exchange with producers: Arve’s herbal tea, Arve’s honey, cheeses, charcuteries and Savoy cakes…
Between traditions and heritage, Saint Jean d’Arves offers you the opportunity to discover, share and enjoy all the richness of our region. 
Recharge your batteries in the heart of nature

3. Recharge your batteries in the heart of nature 

Take a deep breath of fresh air and recharge your batteries in the heart of nature!
In sport or relax mode, if you ever dreamed to explore mountains, Saint Jean d’Arves is the perfect place to begin!
Vitality, well-being and relaxation will rule your stay.
Share experiences

4. Share experiences 

This summer, live the Saint Jean d’Arves experience, out of this world…
Share quality time with your family of friends: enjoy great outdoors activities. More information on our weekly activities program.
Chances are you'll return from your stay with your head filled with great memories!
Explore new feelings

5. Explore new feelings

On the tracks or in the air, aventure awaits you!
Challenging, playful, relaxing... Discover all the different facets of Saint Jean d'Arves through its several visits and activities for all the family.
Enjoy a break away from the crowds in our preserved natural environment.