Saint Jean d'Arves / Le Corbier ski pass

For every skiers' levels, the Saint Jean d’Arves - Le Corbier ski pass offers 34 slopes, from 1550 to 2400 meters in altitude.


(holders of the key card*)
CHILDREN (to 12 yo)
(holders of the key card*)
SENIOR  (From 65 yo)
(holders of the key card*)
Production of CO2 **
4 consecutives hours 34,30 € 29,00 € 31,00 € 93g
1 day 38,80 € 32,80 € 35,00 € 186g
Beginners area Le Corbier beginners area + Baiko ski lift - Saint Jean d'Arves beginners area Production of CO2**
4 consecutives hours 14,10 € 93g
1 day 15,80 € 186g
Disabled ski pass 50% off on 4 hours, 5, 6, 7 days


Carré Neige insurance : 3,00 €/day/person. Unique rate.

Children from 5 to -12 years old, Seniors over 65 years old, Free from 0 to 4 years old and from 75 years old. Proof of age required.

Opening date : From December 19th 2020 until april 16th 2021.

Our terms of sales are available for consultation on all points of sale as well as on the website
VAT rates according to the applicable VAT rates. Non contractual document.

*Key card : 1,50 € / ski pass. It’s hands-free reusable key card  that you will be able to use again for another stay or for recharging your ski passes via Internet and the ski-badges.
** Information on the quantity of CO2 in grams produced during the use of ski lifts by ski pass for the valid period of the ticket.
*** On site sale only.