Sustanable Development

Sustainable development commitments


  • We adapt the use of lights according to the season and the weather conditions.

  • Heating and air conditioning run automaticly.

  • The standby mode on all our computers is programmed and we turn them off when we close the Tourist Office.

  • We prioritize the purchase of low-energy equipments.

  • We send our letters in « economy mode » (cheaper and greener solution, less CO2 emissions).

Waist sorting

  • We collect used batteries.
  • We use recycling bins next to our offices.
  • We have implemented a common recycling bin for the paper in the our offices.
  • Poop bags are available and free in our tourist offices.
  • Used printer ink cartridge are colected by Rex Rotary to be recycled.

Buy responsibly

  • For our office supplies, we use as far as possible, green products.
  • We work as far as possible with ecolabelled companies.
  • We buy green cleaning products.

Paper economy

  • We adapt our stocks according to the requests
  • We systematically print in recto-verso and we only print the useful documents for our visitors.
  • We entice people into downloading our documentation or asking us to send it by email rather than print it.
  • We systematically use scrap paper for our everyday work
  • We create flashcodes to reduce prints.

Our engagements with the public

  • At the end of every winter seasons, we organize a collecting and cleaning day with local people and tourists.

  • We help tourists by giving them th best advices to evolve in the mountain environment

  • A notice about waist sorting is available for every lessor in the resort.

  • We entice people into respecting the environment on our website, in our brochures and in our e-mail signatures.

  • We print and send our entertainment programms according to occupancy rate.

We entice our visitors into using our free shuttles to move in the resorts rather than using the car.

Territory's commitments in sustainable development

The commitments of Saint Jean d'Arves 

The municipality of Saint Jean d'Arves has decided to commit to sustainable and united mobility by providing Rezo Mobicoop, an application to share all your daily journeys! On Rezo Mobicoop, it is possible to organize carpooling (Rezo Covoit) or to travel by hitchhiking (Rezo Pouce). More information on the town hall website.


Free shuttles are set up to facilitate travel for holidaymakers and residents during the winter season between the different hamlets of Saint Jean d'Arves but also to get to Saint Sorlin d'Arves. The rotations and frequencies are adapted according to the filling rate of the station. In summer seasons, the town of Saint Jean d'Arves has been setting up a small tourist train since 2022.

Extinguishing public lighting at night: the streetlights in the village of Saint Jean d'Arves are switched off from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. (times vary depending on the period) to save energy.

A collective compost project is being set up in the various tourist residences in the village of Saint Jean d'Arves.

Ski lift commitments

The Sybelles ski area is committed to the Zero CO² Challenge. These are concrete actions to reduce energy consumption to move towards carbon neutrality in 2037: reduction of electricity and water consumption, reduction of grooming time and therefore consumption of fossil fuels, creation of an accommodation label with eco-responsible criteria, black grouse protection zones, ungroomed free-ride trails and therefore in their natural state on the domain. More information on

Maurienne's commitments

Simplified waste sorting in Maurienne since January 1, 2023: from this day on, if my waste is packaging, it goes in the yellow bin, otherwise it goes in the household waste container. Download here the MEMOTRI to sort your waste.

A recycling center managed by SIRTOMM, open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., is present on the territory of Saint Jean d'Arves. You can put waste such as scrap metal, bulky items, wood, paper, cardboard, rubble, etc.